Corporate Reorientation

This 20 year old software consulting company provided custom back office mainframe solutions for high profile Fortune 500 corporations in the commercial and industrial construction vertical.  Out of this work emerged a software tool that clearly had relevance to a wider market scope than existing legacy clients.  Work began by first assessing and evaluating all available assets as they contributed to support a robust and compelling product offering.  Market research was conducted to position the product competitively.  A marketing plan was developed which identified specific elements needed to define the entire customer experience, from initial exposure to post sale support.  Developed and managed a marketing budget that included advertising campaigns, trade shows, collateral development, website creation and management, and promotional items.  Once the marketing effort was under way, attention was focused on the development of a sales process, which involved the deployment, configuration, and administration of a company wide CRM/sales force automation software tool.  A lead qualification program was conceived and launched, designed to produce qualified leads for the sales department to pursue.  The CRM tool also handled technical support incidents and a knowledge base library.  Development of the technical documentation effort was supervised to support the software product, and procedures for installation, deployment, configuration, project milestone validation, and support of the product were created.  The final pieces of the puzzle were composing proposals, developing progress billing procedures to match the proposal, project management and, most importantly, management of customer expectations.

Strategic Collateral Development

Developed overall strategy and basic design for a collateral package to introduce a comprehensive new Windows/Web based ERP application for local governments that was designed to complement and eventually replace an existing AS400 product offering.  Directed a creative team to execute production of all collateral pieces for this Fortune 1000 owned software solutions firm.  

Marketing and Distribution Strategy

Established unique go to market strategies and channel training programs for a national software distributor that embraced a consultative selling model.  Result:  Dual channel distribution model brought together two disparate industries to share a common goal.

Sales Process Improvement, Tool Development, Training

Directed the strategy, design, authoring, and implementation of a comprehensive sales tool engineered to calculate Return On Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a Global 500 company.  In addition to being based on the company’s product-specific value propositions, this Tool also architected sales methodologies intended to engage the customer and add structure to the sales presentation.  Embedded help and full documentation were also included.  After beta testing, rollout of the Tool included training of sales teams throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.  Result:  Client payback was realized immediately through expanded engagements and higher sales closing ratios.

Amortized Price Modeling - Tool Development

This global 500 enterprise storage manufacture sought design of a pricing tool to support their Just In Time Storage (JITS) delivery program.  This Tool also predicted storage saturation for the enterprise and amortized storage costs according to current pricing models to arrive at pricing based upon pre-engineered profit.  Result:  This Tool was introduced to an international sales force as critical component of the JITS program.

Market Strategy Assessment

Analyzed of existing marketing methods and recommended new go-to-market strategies for an emerging software development company.  Analysis revealed serious disconnects between sales and marketing with regard to direction, messaging, both external and internal communications, and tactics.  Curing these problems was critical to the company’s ability to maintain competitive advantage as their industry was poised on the threshold of explosive growth.  Result:  After a period of initial and natural resistance to change, the company implemented many of the recommendations which have resulted in their emergence as a leader in the industry.

Vertical Market Analysis

Conducted a targeted vertical market analysis and research project for a Global 500 company entering the document management industry.  This research was conducted to support their introduction of a new appliance targeted at small to medium sized companies for the management of written communications.  Data collection and analysis included specific information relating to competing product features and benefits to define the competitive landscape and enable effective product positioning.  Result:  The analysis and resulting report became an integral component of the company’s marketing plan and facilitated a carefully engineered product introduction.

Process Improvement, Workflow Engineering

Analyzed existing methods of document management and processing methodologies, and proposed solutions in several areas of discipline for a national health care service provider.  Developed and implemented a migration plan from manual/hard copy processing methods to a computer centric model using existing software tools that drove the design and generation of KPI reports.  Created and refined tracking and trending analysis software tools which were previously non existent.  Redesigned field data submission forms that virtually eliminated data entry error, and created management reporting that provided financial analysis on aging and delinquent cases.  Result:  Team productivity increases of 50% to 100% were a result of streamlined processes that reduced errors and increased accuracy.  This, along with significant reduction of email workflow to and from the field through reporting, resulted in cost savings exceeding $100,000.

Municipal Marketing Strategy, Collateral Development

While serving as Vice Chairman of Fairview’s (TN) Chamber of Commerce, the need to attract commercial business and industry to the city was identified as an important component to area growth.  To support this initiative, the decision was made to create a marketing portfolio designed to attract business and industry to the city.  The project required geographical, demographical, and financial research on a local, regional, and national basis to develop the promotional collateral.  As director of the project, this included conception, design, and production of a promotional portfolio designed to be distributed to potential businesses interested in relocating to Fairview.  Result:  The city attracted several new tenants for their new industrial park.  The portfolio was awarded 1st place for outstanding design and production in the PROSPECT PACKAGE, Visual Awards Program - Tennessee Governors Conference on Economic & Community Development competition.  


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"Tom takes a genuine concern in solving his customer's needs. His professionalism gains the trust of his clients from their initial encounter with him and through the entire project."

- Regional Manager of a "Big Box" retailer, FL


"Tom was instrumental in helping our corporation to craft a 'Risk-adjusted Value Proposition' for the corporate flagship product line. His work has enabled us to realize corporate targets and has positioned our marketing channel to communicate a compelling message throughout our sales network."

- VP Sales & Marketing, ISA

"Tom's positive attitude and genuine desire to perform for his company and client resulted in the project being completed with attention to detail and under budget. Never was there a feeling of him not being in control or unresponsive to every need and request."

- Regional Operations Director, Property Management Company

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