Website Analytics

The Why

analyze thisWhether you're a developing a new website from scratch, or already have one established, the questions are the same:

  How many people are looking at my website?
  Where are they coming from?
  What pages are the most interesting to them?
  Are they being led to the desired destination within your site?
  Are they being converted from visitors to customers?  Why or why not?

One of the critical elements that helps to drive traffic to your site is constant monitoring and adjustment of your inbound marketing campaign parameters.  Just as your business objectives change, so do the ways in which visitors find your site.  More challenging is keepin up with the technologies that are used to track and analyze activity.  We use the most advanced technology tools to ensure that your conversion rate remains high.

On Site Analytics

When someone starts a search on the internet, they begin a journey.  Without a roadmap, they're led down a path by the choices that are put in front of them.  Effective SEO presents the right choices for them to land on your website. Once there, you want to know what is working to keep them on your site and driving them to the desired final destination.

Analytics is more than just tools or a process.  It's a discipline.  Analytics is just one step in the process that returns intelligence that drives value based decision making for SEO, visitor routing, and Content Planning.  Our tools let you see where visitors are entering your site (very useful for specific marketing campaigns), where they go, and how they exit your site. By observing these basic traffic patterns, along with a host of other metrics made available by the trail the visitor leaves, we'll develop a clear picture of visitor behavior. Results are compared with the goals desired, and corrections are made to make your pages as effective as they can be.


Analytics never stops, it's a recurring cycle.  Once the tracking code is installed on your site pages and your SEO parameters are Set, data is captured and Measured.  Using key tools, information is Analyzed and Adjustments are made.

We'll examine things like traffic, conversions, how your site ranks (not just on the internet but with other similar sites), what keywords and content brought visitors to your site, where the customer's mouse goes on an individual page, visitor retention, and more.  Having a lot of tools is important, but knowing how to use them in the right context is critical.


The most intriguing use of analytics comes with the ability to measure the success of specific marketing campaigns or objectives.Analytics Funnel

Funnel analysis allows tracking of a specific path through your website to an intended goal.  You'll see where visitors entered the process, and how many made it all the way through your campaign.  This can be extremely valuable in an e-commerce site where specific purchases can be measured.


But the most important thing is to never forget the end result:  conversions to a transaction.  All the pretty graphs and numbers don't mean a thing if they don't correlate to your business objectives.

Whether your site goals are direct revenue, lead generation, membership, customer support, or readership, can provide targeted information that supports all levels of decisions that drive your business goals.

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