Strategic Marketing Consulting

Our deliverables don't end with just a static website or a report that sits on a shelf to gather dust.  We put together a collection of interrelated business marketing strategies that are tailored to your business objectives, your resources, and your audience.  Your plan is a collection of dynamic marketing tools for your organization that demands regular attention.  It is here where we provide accountability and discipline for you to accomplish the goals set forth in the marketing strategy planning program we design for you, acting as your marketing director.

Many smail businsses find themselves consumed with the everyday tasks of running their company and rarely take real, quality time to stop and think about the future of their business.  Marketing has changed dramatically in just the past eight years or so, and now involves a concerted effort to think and become more like a publisher.  The internet has created a culture of consumption, and internet users are constantly searching for information about what they intend to buy. 

Successful marketing in today's world combines the best of old world, or outbound marketing, with inbound marketing techniques that are driven by content.


Where are you now with your existing marketing strategies and tactics?  Have you developed a picture of your target market through persona analysis?


Your strategy will include a variety of activities each designed to target a specific business goal.  It's important that as each activity is created, it is carefully mapped to support your overall business objectives, at the same time being coordinated with activities.  These activities can include traditional methods such as:

  • Magazine and newspaper
  • Cable and radio
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing

These activities will support and integrate with your digital marketing strategy:

  • Professional Web Development
  • Social Media
  • Email campaigns
  • Content marketing

Driving Traffic

Driving the right traffic to your website for each campaign requires careful SEO planning and coordination of inbound marketing activites.  Creating a specific and measurable point of entry will provide metrics on the effectiveness of each campaign so that it can be reviewed, assessed, and readjusted to maximize effectiveness.

Call to Action

Once the visitor has been directed to and arrives at your site, the call to action must be clear and intuitive.  It might be a newsletter sign up, document download, or an online purchase.  Web Analytics will help define where visitors are being lost by defined goals and reporting tools.

Track and Analyze

As traffic is measured, periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of each campaign to adjust responses produce maximum results.

Let us help you to develop an inbound marketing plan that drives website ranking to ensure that your website is meeting business objectives.

We like to think of ourselves as an interactive marketing agency, because in the end it is the positive interaction between you and your customer that drives sales and profits.

Free Consultation


Consultation and
Discovery meeting

We promise you'll come away with some actionable information and valuable tools.

Practice Disciplines

Marketing Strategy

  • Creation, refinement, or clarification
  • Planning and Execution
  • Development of supporting plans
  • Messaging integrity
  • Definition of goals
  • Accountability to goals

Inbound Marketing

  • Content Management Strategy
  • Initial keyword research and SEO development
  • Dynamic SEO for increased or maintained web traffic

Dynamic Web Traffic Analytics

  • Continuous analysis of web traffic statistics
  • Recommendations for content improvements and website refinements

Website Development

  • Complete website development
  • Website hosting plans available