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There's plenty of website designers out there who can put together a snappy looking custom website for you in no time flat, and have it functioning in less than a day.  But pizazz or speed is not what this exercise is about.  Your website must align tightly with your business objectives in addition to leveraging all that inbound marketing has to offer.  So before we begin with the nuts and bolts, we spend time learning what's working for your business and what's not.  We'll work hard to get a good understanding of what your company is about, and then go about sketching a plan for your website based upon what your needs and expectations are.

Your web development process starts with an assessment of your existing business model.  We're not interested in reinventing the wheel unless you really want us to help you do that.  So if you've got a plan in place that you're happy with, we'll get familiar with it and put together a website that will align and integrate tightly with it.

It's About Content

Bells and whistles are great, but the reason you are driving traffic to your website is content that your visitors will read and then ultimately convert to customers.  While we have all the skills to build an eye catching website, we focus first on a content plan for your site.  This plan will form the foundation for a content rich destination that new visitors will easily find the first time, and one which keeps your regular visitors coming back again and again.  We'll design it with a responsive layout that will find the best way in which to get your content exposed to your visitors.

It's About Structure

The most effective way to reach that goal is through use of a Content Management System (CMS) that is rich with information that will benefit your customers and visitors.  We use a CMS for many reasons, but the primary reason is that it allows us to get to the business of creating your site quickly.  We don't spend our time mired in the details of hammering out computer code line by line.  A CMS provides all the tools to get your site up to speed quickly, while affording the flexibility to make a truly unique destination that will stand out among your competition.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Screen Web DevelopmentA recent study by Morgan Stanley shows a significant growing trend of internet access from mobile devices.  This trend will continue with predictions that mobile platforms will be the method that dominates internet access by 2015.  It is therefore imperative that the ability to differentiate user platforms into the web development strategy is critical to take advantage of this shifting trend.  Mobile web design works best when it integrates directly with the primary web design, exposing the content and actions that are relevant to each different device.  The tools that we use insure a consistent user experience that is optimized for best viewing, regardless of what platform your visitors use to access your website. 

It's About You

A CMS is an easy to use tool that puts you directly in control of what gets published on your website.   Once your site is set up and running, we'll teach you how to create your own content items and put them on your website exactly where they belong.  We can create an individualized content plan for your organization with a publishing schedule to make sure your site always has fresh content for new visitors to search on. 

In Charge of Your Own Destiny

If technology frightens you, have no worries.  We've taught dozens of organizations with people just like you how to use our powerful CMS tools to expand and maintain their presence on the web.  The control of your web presence is, as it should be, in your hands.  No more waiting for a website administrator to post your content!

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  • Goals Assessment
  • Keyword Research/Core SEO
  • Core Content Planning
  • Core Content Development
  • Logo Design
  • Website Planning
  • Web Development
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Dynamic Content Marketing Strategy
  • Web Hosting
  • Analytics Services

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