Tom Behrens, Managing Partner

Tom has held various positions as a senior sales and marketing executive in the development and expansion of regional and national markets in various technology verticals. For the past thirteen years, he has provided marketing consulting services to companies that range from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and startups.  He understands the strategic role that the customer plays in the success of the organization and the importance of the channel in getting to the bottom of the food chain.  He has developed successful marketing strategies and tactics based upon a solid background in identifying and solving problems and a proven ability to identify strengths and weaknesses and then assemble the resources to design and facilitate effective solutions to attain goals. 

Having been previously certified as a Google Analytics individual and and Inbound Marketing professional, Tom has provided leadership in internet strategy focusing on small to medium sized businesses.


"It's not like you haven't heard these words before. There's nothing special in the words themselves, just in the execution behind them. These form the basis of my approach:

The special ability to see through the clutter and beyond the horizon.

Skill in managing or planning as driven by a vision.

The science of arranging and maneuvering action as set about in the development of a strategy.

Above all, I promise to deliver these capabilities with honesty, integrity, and accountability; and to always be a respectful advocate for the client."




  • Big Box
  • Software
  • Property Co.

"Tom takes a genuine concern in solving his customer's needs. His professionalism gains the trust of his clients from their initial encounter with him and through the entire project."

- Regional Manager of a "Big Box" retailer, FL


"Tom was instrumental in helping our corporation to craft a 'Risk-adjusted Value Proposition' for the corporate flagship product line. His work has enabled us to realize corporate targets and has positioned our marketing channel to communicate a compelling message throughout our sales network."

- VP Sales & Marketing, ISA

"Tom's positive attitude and genuine desire to perform for his company and client resulted in the project being completed with attention to detail and under budget. Never was there a feeling of him not being in control or unresponsive to every need and request."

- Regional Operations Director, Property Management Company

Practice Disciplines

Marketing Strategy

  • Creation, refinement, or clarification
  • Planning and Execution
  • Development of supporting plans
  • Messaging integrity
  • Definition of goals
  • Accountability to goals

Inbound Marketing

  • Content Management Strategy
  • Initial keyword research and SEO development
  • Dynamic SEO for increased or maintained web traffic

Dynamic Web Traffic Analytics

  • Continuous analysis of web traffic statistics
  • Recommendations for content improvements and website refinements

Website Development

  • Complete website development
  • Website hosting plans available