Our Left-Right-Left Brain Philosophy

At we are strategists, marketers, engineers, designers and writers.  We've even sprinkled in the odd journalist and mad scientist. So the obvious question is, does it really take such a variety of skills to build a great online presence?  The answer, oddly enough, is yes.  At least as much a science as an art, succeeding on the web requires lots of thought, both creative and analytical.  Perhaps, and most importantly, the process starts with clear objectives.  Our mission statement is simple, yet is supported by skills in mutiple disciplines:

    It is our mission to help forward thinking organizations get found on the internet.   

The simple Left-Right-Left Brain approach is an effective way to ensure that your goals are both ambitious and realistic.  Here is a summary of the philosophy we apply to website construction, inbound marketing and everything else that we do.

First, we listen.

We listen to the way you do business, who your customers are, how you are selling to them, and what you want your company to be as it grows.  We don't run willy-nilly into throwing slick graphics and flash on the wall.  We want to understand where your customers hang out and what makes them click

Now, what do you want your website to do?

It's about purpose built websites.  Websites that are built to accomplish your business goals.

Then, and only then, we build.

We start with proven foundations that draw visitors through your site.  Websites that people can find.  Destinations that are designed to elicit specific actions that result in sales.

Our job never sleeps.

If a building never gets maintenance, the architect's job was in vain.  The architect's vision is kept alive through constant monitoring and maintenance.  We stay on board to make sure your website continues to deliver the value your company need.

So while studies have shown that building a great online presence is safer than crossing a busy street, we still say remember to look left-right-left.

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Practice Disciplines

Marketing Strategy

  • Creation, refinement, or clarification
  • Planning and Execution
  • Development of supporting plans
  • Messaging integrity
  • Definition of goals
  • Accountability to goals

Inbound Marketing

  • Content Management Strategy
  • Initial keyword research and SEO development
  • Dynamic SEO for increased or maintained web traffic

Dynamic Web Traffic Analytics

  • Continuous analysis of web traffic statistics
  • Recommendations for content improvements and website refinements

Website Development

  • Complete website development
  • Website hosting plans available