The concept and definition of community has changed notably over the past several years.  What used to simply mean geographic proximity has evolved into an intangible, mulitdimensional connection between people sharing a common interest no matter where they are located.  As people with like interests and intellect aggregate together, a sophisticated collaboration mechanism has emerged.  Jeff Howe writes about this in his book "Crowdsourcing," there is tremendous power residing in the various "communities" that are made possible by internet technologies.

We realize first that we don't know everything, but we do know what we've learned by hard experience.  It's important to to us that we share what we have learned with our different communities to reciprocate what we learn from others.  We leverage that information to benefit our clients, as we hope others in our community use our knowledge to benefit their clients, too.

It's about giving back.  We're always looking for opportunities to share our expereinces in the hopes that it will make someone's life just a little bit easier.  Because we know that in time, it will come back around to help us.

But our motivation  to contribute donations to non profit web design projects for organizations who seek to get found on the internet is different.  We put it out there with no expectation of getting anything back (except for the satisfaction of a job well done),  If you are a non profit charitable organization seeking help with your web presence, please contact us for a no obligation free consultation.  We'll be glad to steer you down the right path.


We regularly donate our time and talents to Tampa Bay charitable organizations that address specific needs and provide a needed service or who support those who happen to be less fortunate than ourselves.  We've found that it doesn't take much to touch someone's life and make it better, even if they are halfway around the world.  Here's just a few of the organizations to whom we have provided non profit web design and consulting services:

PET Tampa - A local workshop that builds all terrain, hand powered, durable vehicles for those in third world countries who have lost the ability to walk.
Shadow Run Dam Corporation - Non profit civic organization that owns and maintains an earthen dam in southern Hillsborough County.
Lifecare of Brandon - Pregnancy center providing counseling for the entire family and abortion alternatives.
NAMI Hillsborough - National Alliance of Mental Illness, Hillsborough branch.
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department - Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) Program.
Central Florida Behavioral Health Network - Circuit 13 Consortium Advisory Board.
Tampa Bay Leadership Prayer Breakfast - Annual Faith Based Event


PET International - The umbrella organization for PET Tampa who handle logistics in getting PET vehicles to the right people in need.
The 38th Bomb Group Association - World War II Air Force veterans group.

Open Source

Probably the earliest example of a technology based community was the Open Source software development model, based on the Linux operating system.  Intended to provide an alternative to behemoths like Microsoft, Open Source has delivered on its original intent to produce better software products at low or no cost.  Delivery of website content today depends largely on software developed that draws on a community of developers, users, and consumers.  Although we're not developers, we are users and contribute technical feedback on a regular basis to support the Open Source community tools we use.  Our websites depend on and benefit from the work of thousands of technical professionals, so we know that we can't take all the credit ourselves.

Small Busines

Finally, there are our small business friends with whom we trade information and advice from on a regular basis.  Folks from construction, software, hospitality, food service, advertising, and public relations.  Some of our best friendships come from our networking and just fellowship with our business neighbors.